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The Italian renaissance has always struck me as one of the most significant eras for art. A period saturated with some of the greatest and most influential painters, sculptors and philosophers in history. A time where art was highly celebrated and regarded as a luxury to possess. Gilded frames, ornamental motifs, statues of marble carved with the utmost precision, define this marvellous study of art.
Now within such a period where the pursuit of high art and renowned artists was so in fashion, what then were everyday objects like? This led me to objects such as doorbells, windows, fences and door knockers. I found such beauty in the details of these objects of daily use, which people come into contact with on a frequent basis. The intimacy and interaction that the body has with these objects are often overlooked, so I have brought these objects to light in a collection of three earrings inspired by door knockers from the Italian renaissance. The purpose of the collection is to thank and celebrate the everyday objects that have served humans so well throughout time.

bussaré(knock) 2017


Collection of three pairs of earrings, brass and mother of pearl.